Akai SynthStation 49 Review

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SynthStation49 is one of the most advanced, intuitive music controller designed to be used with the iPad and the first true iPad performance tool for musicians and producer. Working seamlessly with Akai Professional’s SynthStation software, SynthStation49 provides unparalleled music creation capabilities.

The SynthStation was made to work along side of the iPad, giving its users a hands on approach to making music. This would be a great tool for anyone producing music with an Apple iPad, or anyone looking for a great portable piece.

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  • Made iPad ready, aloing with being compatible with any computer
  • You can download lots of keyboard/synthesizer apps from the App Store for as little as free to $10
  • Entire keyboard is lighter and made of cheaper plastic than the solid built MPK61
  • Drum pads work well for short patterns, but not live or for long expressive drum pattern sessions

The Akai SynthStaion 49 is very portable, has a velocity-sensitive keyboard with pitch and modulation wheels allowing iPad Producers to go from touching the screen to playing music notes hands on. It also has nine velocity-sensitive MPC-style drum pads which light when triggered. I believe that Akai makes the best drums pads in the music equipment industry and the SynthStation offers a lower priced option compared to MPCs.

The SynthStation 49 isn't just for iPads even though its design caters to them. It also comes with a USB port for connecting a Mac or PC, controlling MIDI music software, and digital audio workstations. To add the icing to the cake, the Akai SynthStation49 also has Professional ¼" stereo outputs with volume control to connect speakers, recording equipment and mixers.

SynthStation49 is also completely iOS CoreMIDI compatible, meaning that it's instantly compatible with the dozens of music apps already in the App Store for the iPad, and there are hundreds more on the way.

I would recommend this product to anyone who is a planning on making beats on a iPad. Personally when I made beats in the computer I hated all that damn clicking. The Akai SynthStation49 offers itself as a portable keyword, with pitch and modulation wheels, and 9 MPC-style pads.

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